Welcome to Pocahontas


Pocahontas may just be a community for non-residents but for the residents who live there, it has won their hearts. Many Residents have family trees dating back before Pocahontas was founded.  Among those Ancestors where Civil War Soldiers, Citizens of Big Hill Pond before it was a Park and those who witness and had a hand in building Hwy 57.  And even tho some Residents move away, they find themselves coming back home in later years. Seeing the memories they once knew, still exists today.

Pocahontas was once a buzzing little town, but threw the years tornadoes and fire have done their best to destroy the heart of Pocahontas.   Businesses and homes have been destroyed. But the residents stuck with their fellow neighbor, helping to clean the devastation and continue on with Pocahontas. 

Pocahontas is not only the home to many residents, it’s also home to The Battle of Davis Bridge, Matamora Hill,  and The Historic Pocahontas Schoolhouse, which is all owned by the State for preserving it’s history.  Big Hill Pond State Park, the Historic Joyner-Carr House, and the once Freed-Hardeman University. That’s a lot of history for just a dot on the map.

Most Residents also share the same hobbies…their hunting and fishing.  But there’s one place that attracts those hobbyist and it’s by boat, The Hatchie River.  And if you want to see some proud Deer Hunters just stop by Larry Taylor’s Store. Those deer stories can never be bragged about enough. (They also serve food… if the story gets too long).