Important Times for Pocahontas

  • 1848, First train of Memphis-Charleston R.R. Ending the stagecoach stop at Matamora.
  • 1855, Joyner – Carr house was built by Mr. William Joyner Sr.
  • October 5, 1862, Civil War Battle of Davis Bridge
  • 1867,  business for Pocahontas – E.F. Duke, wholesale/retail;  W. H. Davis, Wholesale grocer;  Elisha Ragan, Grocer;  J. M. Nelson, dry goods;  H. F Elert,  Manufacture/dealer for boots and shoes;   Allen and Simmons, Cabinet makers; C.C.  Gibbs, wheelwright/Manufacture for buggies and wagons;   J. P. Wooster & Co.,  Saloon;  Phil Holcombe, G. W. Garrett,   J. M. Higdon, dry goods; W. R. Reid, Tin Shop;
  • February 17, 1871 a tornado destroyed 22 dwelling and the Railroad.
  • 1870’s, Joyner-Carr house was purchased for Leah Institute, finishing school for young ladies.
  • April, 1880, Male & Female Academy opened for Spring term of four months. Teachers D.W. Leath,  Giles J. Leath, E.C. Graeff
  • 1889, An ACT to abolish the corporation of the town of Pocahontas, in the County of Hardeman.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, that the corporation of the town of Pocahontas, in Hardeman county, be and the same is hereby abolished.

Section 2. Be it further enacted, that this act take effect from and after the first day of July 1889, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed Feb, 1889 Benj. J. Lead  Speaker of the Senate, W. L. Clapp Speaker of the house of Representatives.  Approved Febuary 28, 1889, Robt L. Taylor Governor.

  • 1889, The Southern Tennessee Normal Institute in Essary Springs began. 
  • 1890, Essary Springs Post Office was established.
  • 1895, The Southern Tennessee Normal Institute in Essary Springs, consolidated with West Tennessee Christian College and moved to  Henderson, TN with a 10 year lease agreement.
  • 1899, Pocahontas Saw Mill burned owned/operated by Major G. W. Garrett & Hugh E. Wray
  • June 22, 1906  the Pocahontas Post Office was established. W. A. Reid was the First Postmaster.
  • 1910’s blacksmith shop and garage operated by Lester Nelms
  • July 25, 1913 the Bank of Pocahontas was established. Lee White was the Banker.
  • 1913 , Business for Pocahontas – R. L. Warren, merchandise, grocery, dry goods, & notions store.
  • 1914, Huge fire destroyed large area of downtown Pocahontas.
  • 1915, Essary Springs Post Office closed.
  • 1924, Pocahontas School was established.
  • 1968, Pocahontas School was consolidated with Middleton.
  • 1976, Jerry McCord’s cabinet shop opened.
  • 1976, Travis McNatt Lake was formed.
  • 1979, Big Hill Pond State Park was established with 4,500 acres.
  • 1992, Jack & Larry Taylor’s Sawmill opened.
  • 1994, Hatchie River Lumber Co. started operation.
  • 1997, Matamora Hill was purchased by the state for $97,750.
  • 2009, Pocahontas Schoolhouse & 643 acres was purchased by the state.
  • May 2, 2010, Tornado hit Pocahontas killing one person.

    Volunteers help clean Main Street