Pocahontas Schoolhouse

                                    Established in 1924              

Located in Hardeman County on Hwy 57, the school was built in 1924 being the main elementary school for the community. The school closed in 1968, students then where consolidated with Milddleton, TN.  During its opening the school was also used for community events such as concerts with quest like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.

Hardeman County Teachers Elected for term : Pocahontas                                                                                 

1928-29    Mollie Duncan, Elizabeth Wardlow, Gladys Brewer, and Bernice Wardlow                                                    

1929-30    Elizabeth Wardlow, Gladys Brewer, and  Maggie Sue Patton                                                               

1932-33    John S. McBride, Principal; Mrs. C. T. Shea, ELizabeth Wardlow, Gladys Brewer, and Inez Reed           

April 1957    John T. DePoyster, Principal; Ruby Y McKnown, and Evie H Pulliam      


August 2009  The Pocahontas Schoolhouse is now State owned. The Tennessee War Commission received close to a $1 million grant to create a Welcome and Interpretive for the Historic Schoolhouse. This will include 3.5 miles of interpretive walking trails and a pedestrian footbridge across the Hatchie River, allowing visitor access to the newly acquired land of 643 acers.