Essary Springs

Essary Springs received it’s name from Mr. Benjamine Essary.  He named it Essary after himself and Springs after the mineral water, thought to promote ones health.

Benjamin Essary being a land owner in Ms received a land grant  in 1841 beside the Hatchie River and later receiving  another land grant in 1844.  With the town becoming a summer resort, sum due to the mineral water,  Mr. Essary donated the area of the largest Spring for a public park with a picnic area, and space for games such as horseshoes and marbles. Soon the Spring became known as the Fountain of Youth. 

Essary Springs showed potential early on, with a  Post Office being built in 1890, and a School “The Southern Tennessee Normal College” starting in 1889 by A. G. Freed, and a hotel but unfortunately the hotel burnt and was not rebuilt.  The Post Office closed in 1915, and was consolidated with Pocahontas Post Office. In 1895,  The Southern Tennessee Normal College consolidated with West Tennessee Christian College in Henderson Tennessee.  With the Memphis-Charleston Railroad in Pocahontas, being built in 1848,  ended the stagecoach midway of Essary Springs and Pocahontas, with this in consideration, people started moving approximately four miles away to be near the  Memphis-Charleston  Railroad, where business was booming.


Essary Springs Church-School

Flyer sent out to students attend The Southern Tennessee Normal College