Southern TN College Flyer

The Southern

Tennessee Normal College

Essary Springs, Hardeman County

Will Begin Sept, 13, 1892.


The History of this College is too well known to narrate.  It has already surpassed the expectations of its best friends. Over Four Hundred and Fifty Students from Four State were enrolled the last session.  The prospects for the future are flattering in the extreme.            

     LOCATION- We have choice location of Southern Lands.. High, Dry and healthy. Pure Air. The best of mineral water, free to students.  The highest of Moral influences. A nice, quiet place, four miles south of Pocahontas on the Memphis & Charleston R.R. This place was chosen by the President of an Local Normal College to meet the crises of the hour.

     COURSES OF STUDY-Preparatory, Teachers, Scientific, Business, English, Music, Type-writing, and Select. All Branches taught from the Alphabet to the Olassies.

     EXPENSES-Board, Rooms, Fuel, Lights, Washing, and all complete at $1 to $3 per month.  The other courses, $3.50 per month.  We guarantee these figures.  All expenses of a student need not exceed $10 to $12 per month.  Tuition due at beginning of each ten weeks.


     FACULTY- Our faculty is the strongest,-the best that are secured.  The Institution is Permanent, Reliable, Progressive, Thorough, Practical, and suited in every respect to meet the demands of you men and ladies in securing an Education.

     APPARATUS-The Institution is now supplied with the latest and best apparatus.  A costly SURVEYING OUTFIT has been secured.  The student does actual field work.  A  Fine REMEINGTON TUPEWRITER, NO 2, latest Model, has been added.  This machine is too well known to need commendation.  A very easily LIBRARY of the best Encyclopedia, Histories, Anatomies, and General Literature’s, is in daily use by the students.  Over one thousand square feet of the best of Black-boards, Charts, Globes, Maps, and all that be desired to make a success of any subject.

     WHEN TO COME-Come at your first convenience.  You will find classes to meet your demands.

     WHO SHOULD COME-Age nor qualifications exclude no one.  You are sure to feel at home in your classes, it makes no difference what your advancement may be.

     BOOKS-Bring all the text books you have.  You will need them.  As good Authors are used, and none taken as standard.

     HOW TO REACH ESSARY SPRINGS-From the West by way of Memphis and Grand Junction, from the East by way of Decatur and Corinth, students from the North and South will change at those places on the Memphis & Charleston R. R. for Pocahontas, where they will be met with conveyance for the College.  Write the President at what time you will leave your home.

          The Institution is positively non-sectarian. Our students are from almost all denominations, and we give them as testimonials.  Our Faculty is of different religious beliefs.

          The high moral standing of our students has no superior.  They are form the best families in the land,   and govern themselves.

         Teachers, Students, Patrons, Friends, All:-We can not tell you all in this little circular.  We ask you to come and see for yourself. We guarantee every word in this circular and know that we can do even better than here represented.  The reputation of the school is now established.  Its work is known.  It shall improved each day.  The College is now a reality.

         We challenge competition, and willingly meet all opposition.  Can you not be with us! We hope to meet you in the school-term and shall do all in our power to advance you welfare.

          Come, we welcome you.

Write for particulars,

                                                                                                                                                                                                     A. G. FREED, President

                                                                                                                                                                  ESSARY SPRINGS, HARDEMAN CO., TENNESSEE

                                                                                                     Do Not Forget the Date of opening.



 Source: Faye Chase