Kirk Schoolhouse

The Kirk’s Schoolhouse area is probably known throughout Pocahontas, located in the Southwest corner of McNairy County. The school was in existence for many years and finally closed in the 1930’s. Children within four mile radius attended school walking back and forth each day.

The schoolhouse was one large room heated with a potbellied stove. The pupils each took turn going to the front of the room to recite their lesions. Some of the teachers were Mary Pyron (1925), Audry Steadman, Ben O. Weeks, D. R. Finger, Manley Jones, and Maggie Putnam Trainum.  No doubt these fine teachers helped to mode these children’s lives.  There were Doles, Kirk’s, Kennedy’s, Steadman’s, Russell’s, Boyetts, Bodifords, Colemans, Morphis, Trainums, Eaves, and Parmelys,

Mr. Lum Kirk (1857-1947) possibly known to donate the land for the school,  seemed to be the mainstay of the community. To the children as well as their parents, he was “Uncle Lum” and always there for their every need.

The ones of us still alive cherish the memories of our school days at Kirk’s Schoolhouse.

source: Bolivar Library, submitted by Ruth Coleman

                                                                              Kirk School 1912

(Front) Lem Russell, Walter Russell, Virgie Kirk, Lessie Russell, Vertriece Smith, William Steadman- teacher, Beatrice Kirk, Lucile Smith, Icie Kirk, Ester Russell. (Second) Hernie Russell, Arlcie Mullins, Mildred Robinson, Lola Robinson, Ottie Russell, Orilla Kirk, Ethel Kirk, Margie Robinson, (Essie Morphis not shown on part torn off)   (Third) Brit Crocker, Travis Russom, Ida Russell, Arlie Kirk, Palmer Kirk, Simon Robinson, Tolbert Russell, Bessie Russell.



(Front) Ruth Coleman, Dorothy Coleman, Finnus Kirk, Helen Boyette Childs, Dewey Talmadge Bodiford, Opal Kennedy Doles, Jewell Kennedy Clayton, Minnie Bell Doles,  (Second) Earl Bodiford, Jewell Boyette, Jessie Doles, Nathan Morphis, Leonard Kirk, (Third) Audrey Steadman-teacher, Lester Russell, Lillie Mae Coleman Bodiford, Lillie Russell Taylor, John Steadman, Ves Steadman, Vadeen Morphis, Jimmie Boyette Sojourner, Virginia Boyette Parks, Robert D. Boyette.